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Travel advice for Russia (update)

Published Tuesday October 04 2022

In view of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the Luxembourg Government strongly advises its citizens against all travel to Russia. Those residing or travelling in Russia should strongly consider departing Russia if their presence is not essential and while limited commercial travel options remain. In light of the current unpredictable and volatile situation, travel connections with Russia are strongly impacted. Due to the increasing restrictions on travel options between Russia and Europe, there continues to be a real risk of being stranded in Russia for an indefinite period. Furthermore, as Mastercard and Visa have suspended their operations in Russia, we draw the attention to the fact that it is not possible to access funds through Russian banks or to make payments in Russia with non-Russian credit/debit cards.

The Government also calls on Luxembourg nationals in Russia to be extra cautious. They are advised to keep themselves informed of developments, avoid mass gatherings and follow the instructions of the authorities. It is also recalled that photographing or filming military equipment or installations is strictly prohibited in Russia.

Information for double nationals

On 21 September the Russian authorities announced a military mobilization with immediate effect. All double nationals holding both Luxembourg and Russian citizenship should be aware that the Russian authorities only recognize their Russian nationality. Thus, should they be drafted, they will not be able to request consular protection alleging double nationality. Should they wish to leave Russia, they should make arrangements as soon as possible given the limited travel options available.