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Measures concerning the entry into Luxembourg of third-country nationals -COVID-19 Test

Published Friday September 04 2020

Given the epidemiologic situation, additional measures were taken at the external border of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: from 21 August 2020, third-country nationals aged 11 or over who wish to travel by air to Luxembourg from a third country not included in the list (see the link below) , even if they have a temporary residence permit or a residence permit, must present the negative result of a biological test for Covid-19 before boarding. This does not apply to members of the flight crew and to passengers on a stopover waiting for a connecting flight and who are not leaving the transit area. The test must have been carried out less than 72 hours before the flight.

Citizens of the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom and the Schengen countries, as well as their family members, can enter freely into the territory of the European Union.

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