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European Film Festival

Published Tuesday March 02 2021


The European Film Festival will be held online from March 2 to April 2, 2021 on the Okko multimedia service. It is organized by the Representative Office of the European Union in Russia with the support of embassies and cultural centers of the EU member states. This large-scale event is an opportunity to get acquainted with the best films shot in Europe over the past few years.

Film lovers in all regions of Russia will see 27 films: each country of the European Union is represented in the program by its own film. All films received rave reviews from critics and were awarded prestigious awards, including nominations for the Academy Award in the category "Best Foreign Language Film".

During the European Film Festival, watch the Luxembourg movie "Justice dot net" on the platform . The movie will be available in free access from the first day of the festival.

Luxembourg, Ireland, Canada · 86 min.

Year: 2018

Director: Paul Kruchten


An international group of hackers led by the charismatic" Robin Hood " of the digital age, Jake de Long (Martin McCann), kidnaps the four powerful men of this world: the Canadian Minister of the Environment and businessmen who made billions selling water and supporting military units, and arranges a public trial using a newfangled computer game. Helene Langelier (Pascal Bussiere), a policewoman, confronts the kidnappers. But are these malefactors really so bad and are their victims who are killing our planet worthy of salvation?


Nominated for the Screenwriters Guild of Canada (WGC) Award for Best Film (2020).

Official selection for the Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany (2019).



All films of the Festival will be shown in the original language with Russian subtitles and will be available to Okko users in the "Light", "Optimum" and "Premium" subscriptions. 

The audience of the film festival will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the best examples of modern cinema art of the United Europe, but also to communicate with the creators of the pictures. A whole series of online meetings is planned: two will be held on the basis of a special service of the Okko platform - "Premiere", and the rest will be held on the ZOOM platform.

In addition, within the framework of the film festival, discussions will be held, in which the directors of the films presented in the program, as well as Russian film critics, are invited to participate.

More information about the films and events of the festival on the official website :

The website is the entry-point for the festival. It features the full programme with storylines, images, and RU-subtitled trailers.

The festival official Vkontakte page: