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The Government

The current government consists of Prime Minister, two Deputy Prime Ministers and 14 members with the title of minister.
The government members were sworn in on 5 December 2018 by HRH the Grand Duke.


Xavier Bettel

  • Prime Minister
  • Minister of State
  • Minister for Communications and Media
  • Minister for Religious Affairs
  • Minister for Digitalisation
  • Minister for Administrative Reform


Paulette Lenert

  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Minister for Consumer Protection
  • Minister of Health
  • Minister Delegate of Social Security


François Bausch

  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Minister of Defence
  • Minister for Mobility and Public Works 


Jean Asselborn

  • Minister of Foreign and European Affairs
  • Minister of Immigration and Asylum


Claude Meisch

  • Minister of Education, Children and Youth
  • Minister for Higher Education and Research


Corinne Cahen

  • Minister for Family Affairs and Integration
  • Minister for the Greater Region


Carole Dieschbourg

  • Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development 


Marc Hansen

  • Minister for the Civil Service
  • Minister for Relations with Parliament
  • Minister Delegate for Digitalisation
  • Minister Delegate for Administrative Reform


Claude Turmes

  • Minister for Energy
  • Minister for Spatial Planning


Sam Tanson

  • Minister for Culture 
  • Minister of Justice


Taina Bofferding

  • Minister for Home Affairs
  • Minister of Equality between Women and Men


Lex Delles  

  • Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Minister for Tourism


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Henri Kox

  • Minister for Housing
  • Minister for Internal Security 


Franz Fayot

  • Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Minister of the Economy

Claude Haagen

Claude Haagen

  • Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development 
  • Minister of Social Security

Georges Engel

Georges Engel

  • Minister of Sport
  • Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy

Yuriko Backes

Yuriko Backes

  • Minister of Finance

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