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Success stories

Artec3D: World-leading 3D scanners made in Luxembourg

Global leader in handheld 3D scanners Artec 3D was originally set up in California. In 2010, the company moved its headquarters to Luxembourg and made the Grand Duchy its centre for the development and in-house production of innovative products that are taking 3D scanning in industry to a new level.


© Artec 3D

© Artec 3D

Anisoprint moves 3D printer production to Luxembourg HQ

Anisoprint recently moved the production of its pioneering 3D printers for composite materials to its headquarters in Luxembourg. Benefiting from the country’s central European location and advanced logistics hub, the company has just shipped the first batch of 3D printers made in Luxembourg to customers.



ExoAtlet:  Ekaterina Bereziy, CEO of ExoAtlet

Ekaterina Bereziy came to Luxembourg to look for the ideal location for the European headquarters of ExoAtlet,  a start-up specialised in wearable exoskeletons helping patients recover their locomotive functions. Her first visit to Belval, a former steelworks site transformed into an innovation hotspot, was a surprise. “It was like being inside a museum hosting innovation. At first, I could not image having an office here – today Belval is the place where I both live and work.”


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