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Start-up ecosystem

Start-up ecosystem

Luxembourg’s start-up ecosystem has grown in only a few years to become an attractive investment hub for many innovative companies looking to expand their business to Europe. It currently includes more than 350 start-ups, active  mainly in fintech, indutech, cleantech and healthtech as well as in automotive, space and cybersecurity technologies. Luxembourg also hosts more than 15 incubators and accelerators, with financial assistance available at each stage of maturity.


Luxembourg offers an attractive and dynamic business environment for companies with a strong digital dimension that are targeting the European market. Renowned for its world-class digital infrastructure and cybersecurity expertise, the country actively promotes data-driven innovation. The ultimate objective is to establish Luxembourg as a leading data economy.

Materials and Manufacturing

Composites, multifunctional materials and highly customised production technologies are at the heart of Luxembourg’s manufacturing sector. The country has a strong and long-standing track record in manufacturing and processing both traditional and innovative materials including high performance steel, plastics and polymers, composites, glass, wood panels and adhesive paper.

Health technologies

The health technologies sector is expanding in Luxembourg and attracting start-ups from across the globe. The sector vision  leverages  the  investments  and  know-how developed  through  the  rapid  growth  in  the  ICT  sector. This relatively young sector is currently specialising in the fields of digital health, diagnostics, health data analytics and health wearables.


In just three decades, the Luxembourg space sector has grown from nothing into probably the most dynamic in Europe. With the initiative, the country has established itself as a European hub for commercial space activities.


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