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Doing business in Luxembourg


With  its  strategic,  central  location  as  well  as  its  close cultural  and  business  links  to  the  main  EU  markets,  Luxembourg is an ideal base for doing business in Europe and beyond. Being located in Luxembourg is often useful for reaching markets with different cultures and business approaches from just one single location.

A founding member of the EU and member of the Eurozone, Luxembourg is strongly committed to an open EU without borders. The national economy is highly export-oriented.  As  a  leading  financial  centre  specialised  in global and European cross-border activities, the country has a well-developed legal and regulatory framework for  international  trade.  It  is  also  quick  to  implement  EU  legislation.

With its diverse population, relatively small size and closeness to technological hotspots in Europe, Luxembourg  is  an  excellent  testbed  for  the  development  and commercialisation of new products and services.

It  is  easy  to  do  business  in  Luxembourg.  International  companies  are  attracted  by  the  country’s  attractive legal  framework  and  business-friendly  policies.  Public authorities and administrations are easy to access, and the open-mindedness and forward thinking of politicians benefits companies looking to start in or relocate activities  to  Luxembourg.  Many  international  groups  have set up their global or European headquarters, R&D centres and other operations here.

5 reasons to choose Luxembourg as your European business hub:  

  • An ideal launchpad for doing business in Europe;
  • International talent pool;
  • Pro-business policies;
  • A digital hub and trusted data economy;
  • Solid economy, stable society.

Economic portrait of Luxembourg:


Luxembourg: your ideal business location

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