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E-Commerce in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a prime location for eBusiness

eBusiness has become part of our society. The continuously growing implementation of technology into our daily business and administrative operations provide great opportunities for companies starting Internet-related activities.

As an eBusiness pioneer from the start, Luxembourg invested heavily and created one of the most advanced ICT infrastructures which provides connectivity in real time to the world markets.

Besides the powerful ICT infrastructure, the market orientated legal environment also contributes to Luxembourg’s attractiveness for eBusiness.

Luxembourg therefore is the ideal platform for companies looking to serve the European market with its 500 million consumers.

Global players in Luxembourg

Many global players have already chosen Luxembourg as their place of establishment. Luxembourg hosts, iTunes, eBay, PayPal, Vodafone, Rakuten, Skype and many other ICT companies which selected the Grand Duchy as a gateway to all the major European and international multimedia, communications and IT markets.

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg offers many advantages for international companies who want to establish on its ground.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

  • High-speed connectivity with secure, redundant networks
  • Ultra-high bandwith
  • First-class data centers

Exceptional business environment

  • Very high security standards for electronic commerce
  • Highest concentration of IT specialists in the working population
  • Business-orientated legal framework

Proactive and open attitude of the authorities towards e-commerce players

  • Listening and responsive Government
  • Far-sighted and deliberate pro-business policies
  • Easy access to decision makers

Pro-business regulatory system

Luxembourg’s legal framework is forward-looking and pragmatic.

Luxembourg was for instance the first European country to implement the European directives relating to electronic signatures and e-commerce, in 2000. In November 2005, the government of Luxembourg and several key players from the private sector founded LuxTrust S.A. in order to create a national digital certification platform using a public key infrastructure (PKI).

In 2007, the Government  put in place a new, innovative framework for intellectual property. The law creates an attractive regime for IP portfolio management in Luxembourg, thus offering an investor-friendly legal environment for domain names, patents, software copyrights,…

Luxembourg, an ICT and media pioneer

Luxembourg’s success in attracting international blue-chip companies derives from its long-lasting expertise and reputation, both in the financial and in the media/ICT sector.

Luxembourg being one of the world’s most dynamic financial centers, the country has gained solid expertise in electronic commerce, data management and information security. To bolster the requirements of the financial sector, the country has invested heavily and created highly advanced ICT infrastructures. What’s more, the financial sector has encouraged the development of a sophisticated services sector including lawyers, auditors and consultants as well as ICT specialists, as the finance sector is highly dependent on ICTs. Thus a powerful competence pool in the finance sector as well as in the ICT and data management sector was created.

On the other hand, Luxembourg also is a pioneer in shaping the European media landscape, with RTL Group, Europe’s leading broadcaster, and SES, the world’s pre-eminent satellite operator, born in Luxembourg and still operating from there.

The country thus has established cornerstones on which to build successfully a robust eBusiness market and it comes as no suprise that Luxembourg was officially declared the second most developed ICT nation by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2010.

Advantages at a glance!

  • State-of-the-art ICT infrastructure
  • Proactive and open government towards eBusiness players
  • Business-orientated regulatory framework
  • Trust and security center
  • Geographically located in the heart of Europe with easy access to its 500 million inhabitants
  • Multilingual and highly-educated workforce
  • Political, economic, and social stability
  • Lowest VAT rates in the European Union, i.e. a standard rate of 15 %
  • E-invoicing and electronic VAT returns
  • Low corporate tax rates (30,38 %)
  • Large financial centre, holding, finance and headquarter location
  • High quality of life

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